poli sci class


Using APA (alphabetical by author’s last name), list ALL the sources you have found so far that you MIGHT use in your paper (You may not end up using some of these – that’s okay, what matter is what you have so far). You should have at least ten sources by now…

The paragraph below states my argument for the ten page paper, all the teacher wants us to do is find sources (at least 10) and just write down all the sources in APA format. The sources have to be related to my argument below. The teacher told me to be more specific and choose an actual problem that is occurring.

California, like many other states, is trying to emerge from economic recession, where its struggling to collect enough revenue while at the same time shrinking more on high debt. To resolve this, the citizens and the leaders need to be more aware of this problem, tackle the budget realities, shun ignorance and end the cycle of procrastination.