Please write short paragraphs to answer each of the following question


For each questions, you need to write a short paragraphs (150-200 words) to answer. I’ve posted links that are related with the questions. Some of them are videos and some are articles. I also post the slides that might help you to understand more about questions. But you do not have to read all the slides. Thank you.

1. Chapter 13:

One of my favorite Ted Talks is here…

Why do you think this is working in the Bronx? Can we duplicate it? Should we?

2. Chapter 14:

Second hand smoke

In some jurisdictions, you are prohibited from exposing your children from secondhand smoke in your own home or in your own car, and you can get arrested for doing so. Discuss-What do you think about the right and ability to do things in the privacy of your own home and car? Explain and support your perspective.

Provide a link to laws that state parents cannot smoke near their children. Where? Any laws about what parents feed children? Think about it. When does the legislation end?

3. Chapter 15

Where do you plan to live “when you grow up” or graduate? City or suburb or far rural area? Why?