Personal Narrative Assignment (integrity and honesty)


The class is English 101

I am international student, from middle east. I am 24 years old. I am going to study petroleum engineering. I am in freshman year.

This assignment is about personal narrative. I should write at least 1200 words. we should write story that really happened to us. I picked the story type which is gonna be about integrity and honesty. (There is a file I will upload it, talking about my topic)

I want personal narrative story it should be a story for one story happened to me.

I will provide several files that will help to understand the assignment and how the instructor wants it. so please !!! read carefully what I upload again and again.

I will upload files about the instructions of the assignment and requirements and how the instructor wants the story.

I will upload a file about a proposal of the personal narrative and a feedback from my instructor

I will upload sample of personal narrative.

Please read everything I upload carefully and follow the instructions and try to write a personal story that fit with my age

please read all of these.