Paper On Rousseau: extended version


Hi Kishnewt2017,

Here is the paper you did for me last time I will attach the word document so you can add onto it. Please add the citations in line as you did before.

All you need to do for this paper is add about 2.5 pages to the word document with more developed ideas. Please do not use any outside sources (the ideas should be your own)

The paper is currently 6.5 pages long please make it about 9 pages long. Develop stronger ideas and edit the areas which the professor left comments. Please do not forget to cite Rousseau. If you are at all confused please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you!

The three files:

1. Section of book “Emile” By Rousseau – You will need this reading to work on the paper.

2. Emile Paper Comments from Professor – You will need this to edit the paper

3. Rousseau Emile- You will need this word document (it is the first paper you did)