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Unit 7: Final Team Project

Teams will be assigned by the instructor. The team project is due at the end of Unit 7. Online students will submit the presentation by the end of Week 7. Ground students will submit the presentation by the end of Week 7 and present in class with the group during Week 8.

The team project consists of two tasks:

  • Complete the team contract, located in the Assignments section of the course. This is due at the end of Week 5. (20 points)
  • You will complete a power point presentation (12-15 slides). The topic is aggression.
    • You must discuss the theories of aggression (including but not limited to Bandura and Anderson).
  • You must discuss three ages:
    • grade school;
    • high school and
    • adulthood
  • You must reference the developmental theories (such as Piaget and Erikson).

The following sections should be included to receive credit:

  • Introduction to aggression – what makes people aggressive?
  • Describe how aggressive behavior is expressed for a grade schooler; a high schooler and a 30 year old adult. What would cause them to behave aggressively? Include references to the developmental tasks at each level.
  • Using the material on altruism, describe what would need to change to reduce aggressive behavior for each individual.

Part of your grade includes a peer review of your participation and team work throughout the project. After completing the assignment, each team member will write a short reflection piece describing the group experience. In this reflection you must:

  • Explain the process your team engaged in to complete the project. For example, describe who did what tasks to help the team complete the project.
  • Identify each team member and describe their contributions to and participation in the project.

Your instructor will review your participation in the group discussion forum and take into consideration the descriptions of your individual participation by your peers when assigning your individual grade. Participation is worth 25% of your grade for this project.