Need help with Discussion questions


1) People who are already employed and not actively seeking other employment but who are recruited by other organizations are called passive job seekers. Why would an employer want to recruit a passive job seeker instead of someone who is already unemployed and actively seeking work? Do you think passive recruiting will increase in the next five years? Why or why not? (100+ words)

2) Why do you think some job interviewers use stupid or useless questions? Have you ever experienced any of these stupid questions from an interviewer? Share some examples of any stupid questions you’ve been asked during a job interview. (100+words)

3) What would be some problems in gathering information about passive job seekers using social media sites such as Facebook or Linked In? What are some advantages of using these types of sources?

4)How would you do a complete background investigation on applicants to minimize concerns about negligent hiring?

5)Your Accounting Manager has decided that a behavioral interview to select accountants will solve many hiring problems. What can you tell the manager about this type of interview and whether it is likely to be effective? Check (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and other sources to gather information.