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RST 370 Creative Peacemaking

Final Paper

Requirements and Guidelines

From the syllabus:

Final Essay (25%): Students will be assessed on their synthesis and application of information obtained in the course in the form of a comprehensive written essay. Each individual student will submit an 8-10 page fully typed essay; this essay MUST incorporate the texts from the course as well as additional sources in a detailed critical analysis of a creative peacemaking movement.This final essay will expand and explore in greater detail one of the unit reflections submitted earlier in the semester.

Core Signature Assignment: The Final Essay is identified as a Core Signature Assignment within the course syllabus and includes the requirement that students: a) upload the completed assignment to CORE SLO #2.6 of their individual e-Portfolios and b) generate a brief set of reflections (within e-Portfolio) articulating how they see the completed assignment as evidence of their movement toward the specific Core SLO #2.6.Course instructors are required to: (1) grade and provide feedback on the assignment AND (2) review students’ e-portfolio reflections and offer brief narrative feedback (in the e- Portfolio platform) designed to support/enhance students’ capacities for self-reflection on their individual learning experiences.

Assignment Description:

Write an eight to ten page (2000-2500 words) thesis-driven paper on a topic of your choosing in the area of a creative peacemaking movement that is inspired by faith, broadly understood.The paper must be in MLA format, double spaced, and in Times New Roman or similar (Verdana, Calibri) 12-point font.

Assignment Objective:

The objective of the final paper is to delve more deeply into a contemporary movement of creative peacemaking by addressing a particular concern or question of interest.This is a research paper, not a personal reflection.While your personal stance will be inferred by the thesis you develop, the objective of your paper is to make a persuasive argument on behalf of an issue.

In this kind of essay, you will identify and examine a topic of interest to you that is related in some way to the course. The idea is to pick a topic you want to know more about, one that is not covered in enough depth in the course material to satisfy your curiosity, and then articulate why you find it interesting, what questions you had about it, and what you found out about it.The most successful essay of this type will not merely present information but will develop a question, theme, or puzzle and will be structured as an analysis of, or argument about, this question, theme, or puzzle rather than as a mere data dump.In other words, the essay will have a theme or thesis and will be organized according to the logic of that theme.

You should normally touch on the following points but can ignore those that don’t fit and go beyond them if you have additional things to say.You won’t necessarily organize the essay in the same order in which these prompts are listed:

1.Identify the issue and the theme, puzzle, or question associated with this issue that you want to address, structured into a thesis.

2.Communicate to the reader why you think this issue is important or interesting – what gives significance to this topic, what might motivate a reader to look at it, what considerations frame and give meaning to the theme or puzzle that you have identified.

3.Identify the sense in which it presents a dilemma or concern for our contemporary world.This is often controversial; if so, give information on multiple sides of the debate.

4.Identify political, social, racial, cultural, economic or other factors that appear to contribute to its occurrence, prevalence, continuation, increase, or decrease.

5.Critically assess biases or shortcomings in the sources used to research the topic.

Assignment Requirements:

1.You must use at least two course texts for this paper.

2.You must use at least three additional sources from either scholarly, peer-reviewed journals or books for this paper.

3.Your paper is due on Friday 12/14/18 and submitted to Turnitin via Blackboard no later than 11pm.

4.Options for this paper: you may expand a response from one of your reading reflections; or develop an area of interest from your discussion leadership; or develop your presentation topic.

Topics to consider (from syllabus):

You may consider the following topics in whole or in part for exploration and development in your final paper:

Civil rights movement

Immigration and farm worker’s advocacy

Environmental awareness

Women’s and gender equity

Peace/anti-war activism

Economic justice