Movie Assignment


Select and watch one of the movies listed below. You may choose to substitute a movie not on

this list but you must contact the instructor prior to completing the assignment to get


Write an essay on three of the following discussion topics and how that topic was covered in

the film. Each topic must a minimum of three paragraphs.


assignment must be TYPED,

12-point font with a cover sheet and Stapled.

Listed below is a summary of possible topics from the class that you could address in your

assignment. Following that is a list of possible movies that you can view.

A. Possible Discussion Topics

1. Societal trends and changes and child rearing patterns

2. Methods of socialization and child outcomes

3. Temperament

4. Erikson’s psychosocial stages of development

5. Stress and child outcomes

6. Divorce and child outcomes

7. Grandparents raising grandchildren

8. Socioeconomic status and child rearing

values and behaviors

9. Culture/Ethnicity/Heritage and child rearing values and behaviors

10. Parenting styles and child outcomes

11. Bidirectional parent/child relationships

12. Birth order and child outcomes

13. Dysfunctional parenting: causes and effects

14. Child care and child outcomes

15. School goals

16. School’s methods of socializing children

17. Teaching styles

18. Friendship development

19. Education and…



children “at risk”

family involvement

20. Peers …

as a socializing agent

and conformity

and children’s play

– negative and positive influences

B. Possible movies:

1. Breaking Away

2. Nebraska

3. The Virgin Suicides

4. Boyhood

5. Still Alice

6. Dangerous Minds

7. Dad

8. Witness

9. Parenthood

10. The Long Walk Home

11. The Color Purple

12. Mean Girls

13. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

14. Pinocchio

15. Stand by Me

16. Alika and the Bees

17. Little Miss Sunshine

18. This Boy’s Life

19. The Help

20. The Great Santini

21. The Royal Tenenbaums

22. The Butler

23. Cinema Paradiso

24. The Joy Luck Club

25. Mr. Holland’s Opus

26. Thirteen

27. Girl, Interrupted

28. The Ice Storm

29. The House of Yes

30. The Squid and the Whale

31. Dad

32. August: Osaga County

I would suggest that you watch the movie with your family if possible.

Discuss with them before answering the questions. You may find the

reviews of the plots of the movies you are not familiar with before

making your selection.

This essay must including introduction and conclusion.