#MeToo movement – Focus on the media part (the allegations, accusations, and sentences)


hi I need to incorporate more writing into the essay below (you can add the info in any part of the paragraphs, if needed.) if you can talk about more specifically about Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan (focus like on the media part for example the allegations, accusations and the sentences). Please add about a full page of writing into this.

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The movement has faced some opposition from both genders. Some women have worries about the movement. Some people feel that men could be erroneously blamed for sexual harassment or assault. This creates an environment of fear and unfamiliarity for the men when around women; they no longer feel free to interact with their female counterparts as before. They think that a less severe move could be regarded as sexual harassment or sexual assault. Recent research conducted by Vox Morning survey revealed that some women conveyed their fear that men in their families, men they portrayed as respectful of ladies would be erroneously accused of sexual harassment or generally harmed indirectly as an effect of #MeToo movement (Carlsen, 2018).

There have been arguments that women could miss out on opportunities at work since men will be hesitant to work with them. Most women are concerned about losing professional opportunities as a result of the #MeToo Movement (White, 2017). They feel that men are becoming reluctant on working with them due to fear of been accused of sexual harassment or assault. This might make women be avoided by organizations that want to prevent such dramas caused by these accusations.

Most people also feel that less extreme cases of sexual misconduct get equal punishment as more serious offenses. This will regularly comprise of a most extreme and least jail term and in additional fines and different penalties. There have been debates specifically with regards to society’s choices about which claims are considered severe sexual harassment and assaults, and which ought to be liable to more profound scrutiny (Carlsen, 2018). A case of stalking should not be treated the same as a rape case even though both are cases of sexual assault and harassment.

Even though the #MeToo development has clarified the treachery and commonness of sexual harassment and assault, it has also been focused for the most part on the experiences of white, wealthy, and educated ladies (Carlsen, 2018). Cases of non-white women being overlooked or sidelined have been witnessed. There have been accusations of black women’s contributions on the #MeeToo being ignored or overlooked just to have similar thoughts praised when they are introduced by white ladies (White, 2017). However, all these worries and oppositions #MeToo will be written off. In a recent survey conducted, most women said that they support the movement.