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Journal Writing – Reaction papers – Human Sexuality

These journal entries are reaction papers that will ask you to reflect on your own sexual ideas, attitudes, opinions, criticisms and experiences. In no case are you required to engage in any sort of sexual behavior or to disclose personal sexual information about which you are uncomfortable. The goal of the personal reflections is to encourage you to integrate psychological information about sexuality with your own ideas, opinions, questions and experiences. Here are a few suggestions: What do you think about a particular topic? Is there something in the news or something a friend has experienced that directly relates to something in class? How does it relate? Is there something that was discussed in class that you had a thought about but didn’t mention in class? What is the practical significance or value of theories and/or research findings? Please do not summarize the book (besides, I’ve already read the book). The goal of your journal writing is to let me know you have thought about what you are writing. If you include personal content it will remain confidential (unless the content suggests you are in grave danger of hurting yourself or others or are abusing children or elders). Entries of a personal nature will be respected, but each student has the right and responsibility to reveal only what feels comfortable to him or her.

Six reaction papers are to be included in your journal writing. Each journal entry will be worth 10 points for a total of 60 points. Instructions for your journal entries are specified at the end of this worksheet(entries 1 and 6 are specific).You may choose the topics for the other four and write 1 complete page (minimum), typed, about your reaction to the material, ideas, thoughts, questions, personal experiences and/or memories associated with the chapter content.

You are responsible to create a file of the journal entries and hand in your completed journal with a minimum of 6 entries (2 specified and 4 of your choosing). Journal entries 2-5 must include at least 2 course concepts per entry. Please make sure to bold eachcourse concept. When I review your journal entries 2-5, I should be able to quickly find two bolded wordsfor each entry w/the course concept you are writing about. You may receive an additional 10 points by writing about 1 more chapter. If for some reason you do not complete all journal entries, please be aware that the two that must be submitted are #1 and #6. Although this is meant to be your journal comprised of your own reactions and thoughts, where applicable, make sure to use relevant concepts and theories as well information introduced in the course materials. Number each journal entry (1-6) and note the topic you are reflecting on. (E.g. Journal 3 – Male and Female Roles). Note on your cover page the number of journal writings and if you have included extra credit entries (e.g. Journals 1-6 or Journals 1-6 + 1 extra credit). Please just staple your journal pages together and do not use plastic or any other kind of cover. If you would like your journal back, it must be handed in with a self-addressed stamped mailing envelope.

Journal #1: When you were growing up (childhood through adolescence), what were the implicit (unspoken) or explicit (spoken) message about sex? How did your family background/gender expectations/(religious as muslim)

development/values/ethnicity & culture/morals contribute to your understanding about sex and your sexuality? What were the sexual societal norms when you were growing up? This is intended for you as a personal learning exercise. It will not be graded, per se since it is impossible and inappropriate to evaluate another person’s sexual reflections. You will receive points for thoughtfully completing this reflection.

Journals # 2-5: Development of Gender and Sexual Values, Attitudes and Beliefs

These four journal entries are meant to be an opportunity for you to apply what you are learning to the larger context of your life. Please choose a minimum of four topics from among the following, and organize each journal entry using your choice as a subheading:

  • Premarital sex
  • Same-sex relationships
  • Contraception / Protection
  • Abortion
  • Masturbation
  • Extra-relational sex (i.e., “affairs”)
  • Pornography
  • Love and Communication
  • Commercial sex (i.e., prostitution): Should it be legalized? Why/Why Not.
  • Safer sex education – Abstinence/Safe Sex
  • Male and female roles – traditional vs. egalitarian
  • Fetishes or unusual sexual interests
  • Sexual Victimization
  • Another sex or gender-related topic that is important to you
  • Other Experiences that have been important to you

For each of these four entries you will clearly articulate your values, attitudes and beliefs about a variety of topics, and then describe the positive and negative experiences that have directly or indirectly influenced the formation of them. Make sure to address factors that influenced the development of your ideas, beliefs and attitudes. Examples of factors that influenced your beliefs are:

• Religious upbringing

• Educational experiences/teachers

• Peers or friends

• The media (music, TV, magazines, movies, etc.)

• Parents and family (involvement, education, family life)

• Cultural or ethnic background

• Social experiences

• Other experiences that have been important to you

Do not just write an informational paper about these topics or a chronology of your life. You need to describe your gender and sexual attitudes, beliefs, and values and specifically how they came to be that way. Each topic/journal entry that you select must be a minimum of one page. Please indicate the topic you are writing about as a heading for each entry. Each entry should relate to themes and topics introduced in the text. In your entries, along with your key statements, discuss your thoughts, understanding, opinions, reactions, feelings, experiences, confusion, etc. about the statements you selected. You are encouraged to write about how these points relate to your life outside the classroom.

Journal #6: For your last reaction paper, please address the following: (a) Have currentsexual societal norms changed since you were a child? What do you agree or disagree with about societal norms now? Compare and contrast what you learned growing up and what you believe as an adult. (b) What has been your experience of this class (content, process, discussions)? How has your understanding of sexuality changed as a result of this class? How has this class impacted your view of yourself and your own sexuality? How has this class impacted your view of others and their sexuality? What is at least one thing you learned in class that was helpful or interesting? Suggestions to improve the class? Other comments?