Illegal Immigration Laws Research Paper


MLA formatted annotated bibliography due 11/23/18

Rough Draft due 11/30/18

Final Draft due 12/12/18

This should contain a solid thesis statement, have textual evidence from a minimum of FIVE sources, be a minimum of 2000 words (approximately 5 – 6 pages; not including the WORKS CITED page), be MLA formatted, and have a works cited page.

Conduct preliminary research and submit an MLA formatted annotated bibliography (AB). You are required to have a minimum of FIVE sources on your AB but more is always better. Below are two links that will walk you through the process of writing an MLA formatted AB. AB due on11/23/2018

Some states and communities have responded to the rise in illegal immigration by enacting laws or ordinances that ban any language other than English, deny government services to undocumented immigrants, and penalize citizens (such as employers, landlords, and merchants) who “assist” them. Has your state or community adopted any such regulations? Research the arguments for and against such legislation, and discuss your findings in class. Which arguments are the most compelling, and why?