I need help in writing persuasive essay


the movie name is “foreign student”

I chosen it coz I a foreign student in the united states

I want you to write why this movie related to me in terms of studying in the united states and so..

u can find a review of the movie here


make sure u follow the steps bellow


The Basics: Choose a movie that connects to your life in some way (that can be about your life stage,

your background, your life experience, your job) and argue whether or not that movie does a good or

bad job of portraying the experiences of the people involved. Again, you must be connected to the

people in the movie in some way. For example, if you select the movie Star Wars you must be a Jedi or a

Sith, you must live in a galaxy far, far away…you get the picture.

In other words, your thesis statement will be something like:

In the movie

Wonder Boys

, a film based on Michael Chabon’s book of the same title, English professors

are portrayed as frustrated writers on a search for a prodigy. Grady Tripp’s characters also suggests that

English professors spend a good amount of time fighting both administration and editors while making a

mess of their personal lives. However, that many English professors may in fact be struggling writers

may be the only accurate part of the film.

It should 1. Name the move 2. Answer whether the movie is effective of not in portraying the aspect you

are focusing on 3. Offer three reasons why your claim (#2) is accurate.

Your body paragraphs (at least 3 required) should then address each aspect (see below for outline) and

offer evidence from both the movie AND your life that PROVE the show is effective.

Use clear topic sentences and transitions! The thesis guides the paper. The topic sentence guides the

paragraph. If these are not solid, clear, specific, often the rest of the essay goes off track!

What We’re Looking For:

1. Clear topic sentences.

2. Complete sentences

3. Unity/cohesion

4. Paragraph format

5. Correct capitalization/punctuation/grammar

Sample Outline with Topic Sentences

Body Paragraph #1- Film portrays English professors as frustrated writers

Topic Sentence: To begin, Wonder Boys main character, Grady Tripp, suggests English Professors are

frustrated writers and thus far, in my experience, I have found this to be true.

Body Paragraph #2- Not searching for a prodigy

Topic Sentence: However, while the portrayal of the writing life may resemble real life, most professors

are not seeking a prodigy student like James Leer.

Body Paragraph #3- not messing up their personal lives

Finally, in the film, Tripp spends a significant time muddying the waters between his professional and

personal life, whereas most professors like to maintain separate lives and are, in fact, successful in doing


Sample Paragraph:

Body Paragraph #1- To begin, Wonder Boys main character, Grady Tripp, suggests English Professors are

frustrated writers and thus far, in my experience, I have found this to be true. More specifically, in the

film, Tripp had a very successful novel many years ago, and his editor is awaiting his next book. Tripp

spends quite a bit of time in his office, and at home, attempting to complete a behemoth of a novel that

he knows is bad. We also see, through his envy of student and prodigy James Leer, that Tripp is clearly at

a standstill in his creative career. This portrayal of English professors is, again in my experience, fairly

accurate. Nearly every English professor I had in college and nearly everyone I know in my personal life

is either working on publishing creative or scholarly work. Many of them, like Tripp, spend a good

amount of time struggling with their non-teaching work in order to complete passion projects. Because

there seems to be an abundance of English professors in a similar situation to Tripp, this portrayal may

be accurate.