I need cover letter – Dominican, Loyola, Amita, center


I need you to create for me 4 cover letter, basically probably 75% would be same for each only some details will change for each

1. Dominican University Wellness center –> they have special request (within CL please describe your ideal training environment),

2. Loyola University medical center employee assistance program

3. Amita/alexian brother’s center for mental health

4. center for contextual change

Dominican specialized in GENERAL adult –> you can say that me working as MHS I am most satisfy with working with adults and would like to do it in the future, I love to see progress in my patients and my heart is growing by helping bla bla ETC

For Loyola –> they focus on adults too so same thing as for Dominican, since they are career development you can maybe add that I have answers helped my patient and friend in obtain write career path and I am iike a mentor and coach for them and I love motivate people to change for better and to grow!

For AMIta –> they focus on adults and children, you can definitely say that me as working as mental health specialist I work with all populations adults kids and teens, I have been working in the field for almost 2 years….. so I am familiar with the work etc etc

for Center for contextual change –> they focus on trauma. you can add here that my hospital where I work Hartgrove hospital specializes in Trauma and they have programs for it. Me as a MHS I ma assisting and running the groups with the therapist for the patients. There is many patients for trauma and I am familiar with it I used behavioral therapy, CBT and eye movement therapy.

For all the cover letter you should add, I am familiar with CBT, behavioral therapy, MINDFULNESS (focusing here and now)

I am attaching the example!!! of the cover letter and MY RESUME.

transcript so you can see what classes I have accomplished and you can add it to the cover letter