Human Services


  1. One of the trends in human services is the increasing use of technology. The is a helpful human services resource. Using this website, look up the services in your local area and answer the following questions in at least one page (typed and double spaced): *If 211 does not bring up services in your local area, search the capital of your state or search online for the services that are available in your local area. Discuss with your instructor if you encounter any problems in your search.
    1. 1) Which human services settings and/or trends, as discussed in the textbook readings for this unit, are most represented in your area? For example, are all of the services targeted toward a specific population? Are the services only available in urban areas? Be specific and provide some examples of services to illustrate your points.
    2. 2) What trends discussed in the textbook are not being addressed in your local community? Be specific.
    3. 3) Is technology included in one of the ways a client can access the services you found? If yes, provide specific examples. If not, how can technology be used with the services/resources you found in your community? Based on what you learned about services in your area, what suggestions can you make regarding the use of technology, if you were advising the head of the agencies servicing your community? Be specific and use material from the textbook to support your answer.