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Here is a list of some characteristics a Christian healthcare administrator can expand their influence.

  1. Integrity. Showing integrity to the people who work for you within the healthcare will show respect in return. These people will work harder because they believe that someone has their back and they can trust you. Nurses, for example, that get paid low salaries will likely do their jobs grudgingly and the patient will suffer.
  2. Communication. This trait is very crucial as the way a message is transported and receive can determine one’s response. If a message is unclear and comes off as barking orders, then this is where resistance comes into play. Some of the way’s healthcare administrators can communicate is face-to-face, by email, phone etc. Choosing a method of communication is all about the situation at hand.
  3. Team development. Being able to involve others and showing that everyone is part of a team is another characteristic employee look for in their leaders. Leaders who share the spot light gain more recognition and respect from others. It has been known that there have been far too many top managers who took credit for others doing work.
  4. Justice and fairness. Standing up for your employees and for what’s right shows a lot of strength and compassion for those who work hard.

All these traits that a Christian healthcare administrator holds can go further than someone who lacks these tools. It will cause a chain reaction and influence others to practice them as well. These traits stem from as far back as the old testament days of Moses, Paul, Job, and David.

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