How to respond to a students response


A visionary leader is someone who sees beyond the challenges they are faced with. They have great communication and listening skills. They also respect everyone opinions and don’t seek control over their employees. When trying to make a difference in anything I think listing the pros and cons are very necessary, pointing out the good and bad can help you determine what needs to be worked on or taken off the list completely. In the health industry, I think this idea will work well when it comes to health care delivery. This should work well because you have so many people on duty who can give their opinions on how they feel what works best or not and it’s up to the health care administer to respects everyone’s opinion and take into consideration but still come up with a plan that can benefit employees and patients. The leader can utilize its knowledge by taking what they know and taking in consideration of other opinions and testing some ideas out and seeing if it’s going to be beneficial or not. A visionary leader can look at the health care delivery system settings and see the challenges that they are being faced with the most and turned them around for example if outpatient care is becoming more popular the leader could have a talk with its team and make a clinic just for outpatient surgeries and that will leave the hospital with more space and it could get patients surgeries done quicker instead of having them wait weeks to have surgery.

150-200 words agreeing disagreeing or relating to the response

At least one