Higher Education Organization and Governance 5-7 page paper and Annotated Bibliography


Annotated Bibliography: Identify three to five references for your annotated bibliography, which is due at the end of this unit. The references should be appropriate for supporting your course project. For a description of the Final Project, refer to the Unit 1 Looking Ahead page. Use the following guidance for completing your annotated bibliography.

your final Assignment you are asked to take on the role of a college president. You decide which of Manning’s organizational structure you are leading. You will carefully consider how your organizational system and culture will influence your institutions ability to respond to the changing landscape and the man obstacles and challenges facing your institution. Begin your Assignment by describing your institution in terms of size, mission, and organizational type such as Bureaucratic, Political, Collegial, or Anarchical.

As the leader of your institution, you have been asked to attend a Forum, where you learn more about several issues that are on the horizon for your institution, including:

  • Accreditation mandates
  • Looming budget cuts
  • Expanding your distance learning program plus online support systems
  • Responding to increasing demands for accountability