Help with Short Paper Analyzing a Case Study on Addiction


Hello, I need help with a short paper on Case 3 (please see attachment).

While focusing on the addiction and its effects. Consider the following in your short paper:

* Client information and presenting problem

* Identify the client (gender, age, race, profession).

* Identify the addiction that this client presents with.

* Does she have a substance addiction like alcohol, prescriptions, or illicit drugs?

* Does she have a process addiction like gambling, video gaming, or shopping?

* Provide the history of the addiction. (Is it a substance or process addiction?)

* What is the history of the addiction? Remember, there are many types of addiction, and not all were defined around that time. For example, video game addiction was not officially defined until 1995, while alcohol addiction was defined in 1941.

* What is the impact of her addiction on herself, her family, her community, and/or society?

* What are the consequences for her, her family, her workplace, and her community due to the addiction?

*Has she lost her family, job, friends, community standing, self-esteem, credibility, freedom?


Discuss the results of this case:

* Did the client respond positively to the treatment?

* Did the client relapse?

The paper should be composed in MS Word and formatted in APA style, at least 3 pages in length, not including the title page and references page, Employ a minimum of two scholarly sources