Help me pick a topic and four Essay Proposal and Bibliography for an essay


Topic is about Canada at war in History. And ask a question about this essay.

This assignment is due on Monday, July 16 at 11:59 p.m. It will feature a written statement outlining your chosen topic for the essay and a particular question about the topic that you will seek to answer. If you already have some familiarity with your topic, you also may propose a working thesis if you are able, although this is not required. This assignment will include a preliminary bibliography (a list of sources that you intend to use in researching your topic). The bibliography should feature a minimum of four scholarly sources (books and journal articles; not counting your textbook). At least two of these sources must be books. No research essay will be accepted without prior submission of an essay proposal and bibliography.

Students are still free to modify or switch topics if necessary, even after submitting an essay proposal and bibliography. In such instances, please keep the instructor informed of any changes in topic or focus. Please note: If you switch to an entirely different topic, you must submit a new essay proposal and bibliography.

Except in the case of illness supported by a physician’s note, or a family emergency, essay proposals and bibliographies received after July 16 will be worth a maximum of 2.5 % of the course grade instead of 5 %. If you resubmit the assignment later, as long as your original proposal was submitted on or before July 16, it will be graded up to the full value of the assignment (5 %). If your resubmission receives a higher grade than the original, then the higher grade will factored into your overall grade for the course and the lower grade will be dropped.