Friend or Foe


Based on the course readings, and your individual research, assess whether [Israeli/Pakistani] collection efforts against the United States are undermining US-[Israeli or Pakistani] relations to the point the U.S. should take diplomatic action against [Israel or Pakistan] or should the U.S. simply accept such efforts as something every nation (to include allies) do to protect their national security. Ensure to include implications. Choose one state, either Pakistan or Israel to assess. Remember, geopolitics may affect your analysis, so ensure to address it.

Title Page.

(a) Title of the paper

(b) Student Name.

(c) Course Number.

(d) Instructor Name.

(e) Date the paper was completed.

Length: Minimum of four pages, no more than six pages (double spaced, not including the title page and Selected Bibliography).

Section I: Introduction.

(a) Clearly state the purpose of your paper along with the approach you’ll be taking to answer the question.

Section II: [Pakistan/Israel].

(a) Identify breaches to national security by Pakistan/Israel.

(b) Provide implications to sanctions or other foreign policy by the US.

Section III: Conclusion.

(a) Succinctly summarize why Pakistan/Israel is a threat, and prescribe what course of action the US should take.

Section IV: Selected Bibliography.

(a) Contains all sources consulted and cited in preparing your paper. At least five sources- more is better though