Final paper


Final Paper- managing stress

This is a 6 -7 page paper please use the book for the course and use all references

First, read the Epilogue in your textbook, Creating Your Own Stress-Management Program. Then reflect on Exercise 27.11 Mandala for Personal Health: Your Holistic Stress-Management Strategy [link pdf] prior to completing your stress management plan. Note: You do not need to draw a mandala. Rather, you can use this format to create a summary and either a generic recommendation plan that could be used for others, or a personal plan that you can use in your own work and life.

Part 1: Summary

·Choose 4-5 top stressors that create health challenges in today’s world.

·For each of these stressors explain the psychological and physical impact on health, including how negative emotions triggered by stress impact physical well-being. You must apply at least two current, credible references in this section. At least one of these references must be from the Excelsior Library.

Part 2: Plan Recommendation. Based on the stressors discussed in your summary:

·Describe at least one coping/relaxation practices that you would recommend for each stressor to achieve optimal health. Explain why each of these strategies were chosen. Do not use the same coping/relaxation practice for all stressors; you need to have at least 3 distinct practices.

·Recommend two strategies to implement these practices into a typical schedule. (Keep in mind the complexities of military life, family life, parenthood, academic life, and others.) Use your literature search and readings to support your recommendations.

·Describe the mind, body, emotional, and spiritual benefits of your recommended strategies. Use your literature search and readings to support your description.

Part 3: Closing and Reflection

·Over the term, you have learned about several different theories of stress. Share which theory most closely aligns with your personal and professional approach to stress management. Explain.

·Explain how you plan to incorporate information you have learned from the course into your professional practice or personal care plan.

Support your final Holistic Stress Management Plan with personal examples and professional references (use APA format) from your readings and at least two other current, credible scholarly resources. Your work should be submitted in a 6-7-page double spaced Word document, not including your title and reference pages. Cite your references using APA formatting for both in-text citations and reference page. Please carefully spell and grammar check your work before submitting.