Families and Social Policy


Families and Social Policy


Pick one of the following questions and write a response of at least 2 paragraphs (be sure to indicated which prompt you selected).


Discussion Board Questions/Prompts:

1. Do you think we need to make changes in the U.S. to accommodate working parents? Explain your answer. Examples of changes being discussed in our society include changes via the market and structure of employment, government support, changes to gender ideologies, how we value unpaid work, etc. Use the lecture and readings to support your answer.


2. We have talked a lot about the diversity of families over the course of this semester. Answer the following questions using the lecture and readings to support your answer.

  • What changes do you see that need to be made to strengthen families?
  • What policies do you think should be enacted or removed? Why?

What do you think the future holds for American families?


Cherlin, Andrew J. Public & Private Families: An Introduction. McGraw-Hill, 2013.

Remember that in your post you must draw on the assigned textbook chapters and the lectures.