Essay Questions


Answer the following questions in your own words. Explain your choices and your reasons. Provide examples where possible. Be sure to number your answers and present them in order:

  1. Chapter 10: Explain the rise of feminism and discuss the issue of gender inequality in health care and education as it relates to women in the United States.
  2. Chapter 10: Explain the conflict perspective on Social Security and discuss intergenerational competition and conflict.
  3. Chapter 11: Compare and contrast the functionalist (pluralist) and conflict (power elite) perspectives on U.S. power.
  4. Chapter 11: Discuss the globalization of capitalism, including its effects on workers, the division of wealth, and the global superclass.
  5. Discuss voting patterns, lobbyist, and PACS.

Please Note

Make sure to use proper sociological terms and definitions in your answer. Each of these questions is discussed in the chapters covered in this unit’s readings, but you can improve your answers by doing library and/or Internet research. BUT, you CANNOT use Wikipedia, any other “encyclopedia”, or ANY dictionary as a supplemental source if you decide to research any of the questions/answers beyond what you find in the text.