Essay on Vietnam or Gloobalization


Essay Option 1: Vietnam
Discuss the Vietnam War. Who first got the United States involved in Vietnam and why?
Which President escalated the Vietnam War? Explain. What event in 1968 dealt a devastation
psychological blow to the U.S.? Explain why this hit the U.S. so hard. Which President
attempted Vietnamization and why did it fail? What scandal ended Nixon’s presidency? Explain.
Who replaced Nixon and oversaw the end of the Vietnam War?

Essay Option 2: Globalization
Discuss the United States’ role in globalization. What were the major events that helped
end the Cold War? Include and discuss at least three events. What is globalization? How does the
U.S. play a role in globalization? Explain with examples. How has globalization changed the
U.S. economy? How does globalization result in U.S. actions in foreign wars? Give examples.