Educational Report for Marcus X


These results indicated that Marcus was functioning significantly below age level and need intensive services to bring him to a level of academic satisfaction. However, if one should view the standard scores for all the areas assessed, Marcus shows a better performance in some areas than others. Nevertheless, Marcus still needs work to improve his overall academic performance.

During the school year of 2016-2017, Marcus has shown progress. His reading ability has improved. He has especially shown improvement in reading fluency, as measured by teacher evaluation, using curriculum based assessments. A January 2016 administering of the Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) placed Marcus at the 4th grade in reading with a score of 695. He has attempted, and been successful in increasing his reading fluency, but still needs help in developing his reading comprehension skills.

Writing and written expression is a problem for Marcus. He has difficulty with spelling and writing and constructing paragraphs.

Math continues to be a problem for Marcus. He has made an honest effort to learn his multiplication facts; and has experienced some success, but he still needs to do more work. He has been able to add and subtract numbers – doing much better in cooperative groups than he does alone.