Education Position Paper


This essay invites you to analyze one of the topics offered in the Koonce text. Your papers should sustain a position on the topic being addressed. You do not have to select a topic in the order it is presented in the syllabus. You are free to select any topic you choose, even if we have not covered it as of yet. Moreover, you are free to select an topic presented in the Koonce text.


1. Define the topic you are selecting (standards based education, teacher licensing etc.)
2. Briefly describe the positions found in Koonce – how they diverge & what they have in common.
3. Articulate your position. Your argument must be supported by research, although, it can certainly be supplemented by personal experience? (These arguments usually represent binary positions; often, your solution will be somewhere in the middle – that is fine. It simply requires you to carefully analyze the issue and articulate the reasoning for your position.)
4. How do you see this issue potentially affecting future generations of learners?


a. Font 12 Times New Roman
b. Consistent and correct use of citation Style (APA, Chicago Style etc.)
c. Double Spaced
d. Standard margins
e. 4-5 Pages in length