DMS-5 Powerpoint presentation – article


  • 1. What is the article about: purpose, etc.?
2. Present at least 2-3 concepts (lit. rev, theory, framework)

3.What did you find in the article that you did not know before? Explain your new knowledge (at least two)

4.How can you apply this new knowledge in your place of fieldwork or organization?

5.Please illustrate or give an example of a case where this new knowledge may apply? (Be more specific with your case that you have encountered in the field or life experiences). If you cannot find a professional case example try to find a case that you, directly or indirectly, had a part in a case.

6.Implications to social work practice. So why are we studying the topic? How important is this article in our profession? Think about social workers working with individuals, groups and communities as well as local, global perspectives.

7. Conclusion and Future Recommendations

8. References

Article –