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Respond to each number. Minimum of 75 words.

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1)What is an argument paper? How does the use of the word “argument” in this academic context differ from the the word “argument” outside the classroom?

Review the Discipline Specific Resources for Rhetoric and Research from which you will be selecting your topic for this class.

What makes a topic appropriate for writing an argument paper? How does your topic meet this criteria? Be specific.

2) An argument paper consist of the development of multiple strategies, which are used for the preparation of the argumentative paper. A few concepts which goes into a argument paper are, thesis statements, enthymeme and the use of hypothesis. There is also the use of conducting the proper research in order to gain information pertaining to the topic of the paper. Normally when I think of arguments outside I reflect on a statement being made in order to try to convince that individual that your opinion if correct. Furthermore, making a topic appropriate coincides with personal experience when choosing a appropriate topic selection. All concepts require a decision to be made when choosing a topic, differentiating between social issues, personal interests, scientific subjects or cultural backgrounds.

3)Argument paper is an approach to writing an article while preparing to share or inform the interested audience why your research paper is of value and should be reviewed as a source of reliable information. To do so, one has to construct a logical and systematic presentation. To start with a thesis statement. The thesis should state the axioms as a foundation and develop a theory, expand, conclude and cite the sources used in the development of The subject, approach.
Rhetoric is the study of writing and speaking clearly and well. To convince the audience, readers one must prepare well have an agenda understand what the needs and concerns are and how to captivate the interest of the audience. The research adds validity to the lecture or the written subject matter. It is helpful to narrow the subject matter, enabling the reader to be directed through the subject presented, and, lastly meet the expectations of the audience.

4)You’ll note that this reading does not provide a word count requirement or mention summarizing the course readings and materials. Why do you think these things aren’t important but adding value to the class discussion is vital?

Select two key requirements for substantive postings as described in this reading material and explain why you think they are important in a college-level class discussion.

5)In order to develop an argument for your Final Argument Paper, due in Week 5, you must first understand the components of an argument.

Discuss the following:

  • What are the main components of an argument?
  • What makes an argument paper different from a personal essay?
  • How will you ensure that your argument is presented in an academic manner?

6)Writing academic papers may be a new process for some individuals. This review of the components that make up an academic paper will ensure common understanding about what needs to be included in the final paper for this course.

Review the sample Academic Paper.

Using the “New Comment” button under the Review tab, or using the highlight feature, identify and comment to indicate where you find the following items within the sample paper:

  • Paper title
  • Introduction paragraph
  • Thesis statement
  • Topic Sentences
  • In-text citations
  • Conclusion paragraph
  • Reference page

Review the Answer Key to check your understanding of these components.

Consider how you will apply this information in this course.