Designer Research Writing


These are some very influential designers of the past and present and seeing their designs will help you with our up-coming projects. Use the work of these designers as inspiration before designing!

List of Designers:

Milton Glaser Margo Chase
Bradbury Thompson Saul Bass
Rick Poyner Lars Muller
Ellen Lupton Shepherd Ferry
Buro Destruct Leslie Savan
Michael C. Place Otmar Hoefer
Philippe Apeloig Bruno Steinert
Chip Kidd Tobias Frere-Jones
Fred Woodward Jonathan Hoefler
Paula Scher Wim Crouwel
Michael Vanderbyl Massimo Vignelli
Erik Spiekermann Matthew Carter
Michael Beirut Jeff Kleinsmith
Wally Olins Tibor Kalman
David Carson Stefan Sagmeister
April Greiman Armin Hofmann
Rudy VanderLans Pentagram
Carlos Segura Leaster Beall
Paul Rand Neville Brody
Abram Games MetaDesig

  1. Take some time to look at as many of these designers as you can. See which styles are interesting to you. Which work moves you? You can go on-line and “google” them. Another good site is here (do a search for various designers): (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
  2. Choose two designers to profile. Write 2 paragraphs about each designer. One paragraph about the designer and one paragraph about why it is that you chose them. What do you like about their work. Include 2-3 samples of each designer’s work.
  3. Upload both DESIGNER PROFILES as one file. You should have a minimum of 4 paragraphs. (two for each designer profiled)