Culture Language and Perceptions and Point of View


Use the article under Information section entitled, Preliminaries, to answer the following questions over Culture, Language and the forming of Perceptions and Point of View (POV). ( The article: see the attached document)

1. What does Sapir mean by … “language is a guide to social reality” ?

2. What does Whorf mean by … “linguistic relativity” ?

3. Discuss what is meant by our own language predisposing us to see both reality and other languages through a filter.

4. What effect could these theories have on written text across cultures?

Grading Notes for ALL Papers:

  • Grammar and Structure do matter
  • Pay attention to Tone & Diction, use formal language for academic work unless otherwise instructed.
  • Watch Organization and Structure within each sentence and paragraph.
  • Re-read your work Before you turn it in!
  • You do not need to include a title pg. or headings unless I indicate it in the essay instructions.
  • You must ALWAYS cite your sources, preferably on a separate reference page.
  • When citing, use APA or MLA format. If you are not sure, look them up, or, review them. ASK!
  • I recommend using the format that your major/discipline will use in your work setting so that you begin to learn it.
  • Good reference for citing: Rules for Writers, Diane Hacker & Nancy Sommers