critical response


For Critical Response 1 you will respond to questions about two of our readings and the class discussions we have had. The first is the article entitled “Music Education and Labor Songs” and the second is the Filene article entitled “Lomax, Leadbelly, and the Construction of American Past.”

Your critical response must be a minimum of 1 page in length in 12 pt. Times New Roman font, with one inch margins, and double spacing. You may not add an extra line in between paragraphs (be careful, Microsoft Word has this as an automatic setting). Please only put your full name and “Critical Response 1” as identification at the top of your assignment. Your paper must be grammatically correct and free of typos or misspelled words. Feel free to write longer responses if you would like to.

Music Education and Labor Songs

1) What types of practical musical skills do organizers need to create music in a protest setting? How did labor colleges go about teaching these skills? What musical traditions did organizers draw from to create new protest songs? Please use specific examples from your reading. What skills do you think contemporary organizers need to create music in a protest setting?

Lomax and Leadbelly

2) Briefly describe the relationship between Alan Lomax and Leadbelly. Did Lomax have an agenda in his promoting and presentation of Huddie Ledbetter? Did this negatively affect Leadbelly or his community? Use specific examples from your reading to support your argument.