council assignment


This project requires you to write a 3-to 4-page paper on a career of your choice. The paper should include paragraphs that cover the following topics:

1. Introduction

  • What is the occupation that you chose to research?
  • What are the reasons that you chose this occupation?
  • What is the nature of the job—what exactly does someone with this occupation do?
  • Did you find out anything that surprised you when you researched what this occupation does?

2. Work

  • What are the working conditions, including things like hours and vacation time?
  • What is the salary range and average salary? Where did you find this information?
  • What is the work environment like?
  • Does this look like something that would fit the lifestyle you envision for yourself and your future?

3. Preparation

  • What is the education necessary for an entry-level position?
  • What are some of the skills required for this job?
  • What are other qualifications—such as internships or advanced degrees—that you would need for an entry-level position?
  • Does this type of preparation fit well with what you know about yourself? Are you willing to put in the level of education necessary for this occupation? Do you possess the skills necessary for it, or do you feel you could gain those skills with proper education and preparation?

4. Job Outlook

  • What is the future outlook for this job? (growth faster than average, etc.)
  • What are some of the possible career paths for someone in this profession?
  • What kind of on-going training is necessary for advancement in this field?
  • Does this look like an occupation that will continue to grow in the future and offer you a stable livelihood?

5. Conclusions

  • Refer to the results of your MYERS BRIGGS profile. You can also look at Chapter 12 p. 230 for a discussion of career interests. And go back to Chapter 2, p. 28 if you want to consider your values. VALUES, INTERESTS, and ABILITIES are three considerations when choosing a career. Be honest with yourself! Don’t live someone else’s dream.
  • Bearing all of this in mind, are you suited for this occupation? Why or why not?
  • What are some GOALS you can set for the next year to bring you closer to qualifying for this profession?

6. Sources

  • What sources did you use for this project? You must use at least THREE sources. Name all of them. (Even interviews with people already working in this field are fine; make sure you name who they are.)

Some sources you can use:

Use site ID code TSGEYKW

How your paper should be structured:

    1. You don’t need to use MLA, APA, or any other format to cite your references. You DO need to include an extra page that lists all of the references you used, though.