consulting project two page single space answer all the question.


Follow is the question and the sample outline. Please make sure to hit all the point. (follow the rubric)

PART I 57 points/50% of grade:

As identified in our syllabus the final writing assignment will be a “Wellness and Coping Plan” that will integrate the class discussions, readings, your in-class journaling and also incorporate how you are practicing and/or implementing the different coping techniques and/or changed behavior practices.

**REMINDER: This Wellness Plan is for you and you only. Please only indicate what is true for you, what you feel you need regarding your wellness and a realistic plan that you will likely be able to follow through on. This is a chance to be honest with yourself and implement something that will work for you!! (vs. only for a grade/requirement from class.)

For full credit, you MUST INCLUDE:

  • Original personal goal for this class and if you achieved this goal
  • Clear examples of areas of your life you’d like to address since taking this class
  • Identify and explain at least three things that you can apply to your life learned in terms of stress, wellness and coping from readings and lectures.
  • Explain WHY you chose these topics
      • Topics include: Wellness, types of stress, growth mindset, thoughts, cognitive distortions (BE SPECIFIC to what distortions and how to combat them), cognitive diffusion, resilience/resilience practices, communication skills, self-compassion vs. self-esteem, depression, anxiety, symptom management, worry control, goal/value setting, time management, action planning, anger/shame/guilt/forgiveness, relaxation/visualization, sleep, exercise/nutrition
    • give your understanding of what these concepts are
    • how they are defined
    • how they exist and/or affect your daily functioning, and/or 5 areas of life experience
  • What 3 coping strategies AND changed behavior actions and/or specific thinking patterns will you now be implementing after class.
  • A CLEAR action plan for achieving this plan with specific committed action steps.
  • Potential barriers you may face in executing your plan.
  • How would your life be different if you were to implement it?

See OUTLINE for guidance: Click here




标准 等级 得分

此标准已链接至学习结果Personal goal for THIS CLASSIdentify a personal goal in terms of this class specifically. Why did you take CNSL 72 and what were you hoping to gain from it? See white cards.


此标准已链接至学习结果Areas of life that you’d like to make changes toWhat are some things in your personal life you’d like to make changes to and why?


此标准已链接至学习结果3 examples that you can take from this class that will address these areas of your life.What are some things you learned from class that can address these areas you’d like to change and WHY. Demonstrate KNOWLEDGE of concepts.


此标准已链接至学习结果What needs would be met if you addressed these issues? Safety, security or satisfaction and WHY.Explain which needs would be addressed and how what you chose would meet these needs.


此标准已链接至学习结果A SPECIFIC action plan to apply what you learned in class including VALUES and GOALS.This action plan must include a personal value and how you plan to use the course material to address your values using SMART goals.


此标准已链接至学习结果BarriersWhat barriers do you feel may be present getting in the way of you achieving this wellness plan?


此标准已链接至学习结果How would you life be different if you were to execute this plan?Describe how your life would be different if you were to implement and follow this plan the way you are describing. What thoughts would you think about yourself? Beliefs? Behaviors? Emotions? Be specific and provide examples.


此标准已链接至学习结果SummaryProvide a summary and a closing about what you learned from class and how class has helped you overall.


总得分: 57.0 ,满分 57.0