colorblindness race and racial ambiguity


Final Journal

In this journal, reflect upon the past several months of the course and the subjects we have studied, and answer the following questions in any order.

*Discuss three specific topics that we’ve analyzed in this class. In what way(s) has your understanding of race and racism evolved as a result of examining these topics?

*As you move on from the course, how might you apply the knowledge from these topics to the racial issues you will inevitably encounter in the rest of your college years and beyond?

Please choose any three topics from below list

Summarize the whole class and explain the race problem in our life

Key terms

*playing the race card *denying racist motivation

*racial ambiguity

*Executive Order 1110 *Executive Order 1100/R

*Students for Fair Admission v. Harvard *affirmative action

*reverse discrimination *quotas


*colorblindness *the “splitting off of racial history”

*racial ideology *cultural racism *1964 Civil Rights Act

*1965 Voting Rights Act *1965 Immigration Act *The Moynihan Report

*the model minority myth *Social Darwinism *Lester Maddox

*white flight to the suburbs *blaming the victim *the “Black Codes”

*Jim Crow *Fourteenth Amendment *Plessy v. Ferguson

*Henry Billings Brown *John Marshall Harlan *the “thin disguise”