Cognition and thinking


For this Field Assignment, you have two choices on paper topics. Please choose only ONE of the following prompts and write a paper of at least two pages, double spaced with normal sized font and margins, not including headers and footers.

Prompt 1:

  • Speak to an elderly individual you know (over the age of 70). Schedule to spend at least 20 minutes with them. Ask them the following questions:
    • What is their favorite memory from childhood?
    • What is their favorite memory from middle adulthood?
    • Ask them what they need from the grocery store.
  • Ask them if any of the questions were difficult to answer. Ask if they would share the ways their memory has changed over time and the most frustrating aspect of that change.
  • Write a paper describing your conversation, relaying context for the individual you interviewed, the location and time of day of the interview, and how forward they were sharing their answers.
  • Relate their answers back to Section 14.3 on Cognitive Processes and memories.