Central African Republic


Your research paper proposal is due at the end of Week 2. Please take some time to review the International Crisis Group’s research on conflict in the Central African Republic. https://www.crisisgroup.org/africa/central-africa/central-african-republic

The proposal should be about 400 words to include what you consider to be the three most significant challenges and obstacles to conflict resolution in the Central African Republic. You cannot know for sure what all the challenges are just yet, nor what theories of conflict resolution you will apply to solve them. We don’t expect you to know the subject in depth by the end of this week. Your true research will come between now and Week 8. Yet try to find some preliminary research of what methods and theories have been tried and their outcomes. What you are looking for is a specific research question about the topic. After you’ve read the International Crisis Group materials, what bothers you about this conflict? What questions do you have?

Do some exploring with the SAGE Research Materials in our library. Here’s a 2018 podcast that features some of the tools. This is good practice for the type of research you will do in your capstone course!

Format your proposal to include:

1. Your proposed research question. Be specific as to the three challenges that you have identified.

2. A brief summary of what the challenges are and why they are important in addressing the conflict. In the works you review in preliminary research, what are these authors missing in their studies? What gaps will you be able to fill?

3. A references list with 5 sources specific to the research question. Spend some time in the journal databases in our library to find the most current and relevant articles concerning your research question. At least 2 of the sources should be peer-reviewed journal articles.

Hint: Look at the readings for the first two weeks of the course and find some of the most relevant authors. Look at their references lists in the journal articles. Who are some of the authors that you see consistently? Search for more of their works in the databases.


Quality and specificity of research question 20

Quality of sources (including the minimum 20

Knowledge of conflict resolution theories and methods 20

Organization (including formatting your proposal as a professional product – name on paper, title, set up with page numbers, subheadings, etc.) 20

Written communication (including in-text citations and references list) 20