Anti-Bias Action Plan


Your course project is to develop an Anti-Bias Action Plan. For this part of the project, you will assess the ethical and procedural concerns you need to consider to make it a success.

Step1: Visit the NAEYC website.

  • Read the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct and Statement of Commitment.

Step 2: Reflect on the following points.

  • List 3-5 recommendations for ways to implement your Anti-Bias Action Plan, including what could be done to overcome any of the obstacles and any supports that could help alleviate these issues.
  • Discuss the potential impact of ethical issues that might arise when the plan is implemented with children and families of the specified group you researched.
  • Connect your recommendations by identifying 3 relevant points from the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct and Statement of Commitment; be sure to look in all four parts and in the Ideals and Principles sections.
  • Explain how you will measure the success of your plan (that is, how you will determine that your objectives for the project have been met). Identify key elements that would demonstrate success.
  • Discuss how long it might take for the change(s) to become evident.
  • If your plan were to fail, demonstrate your ability to think critically by describing the best way to assess why it might have failed. Then, explain how you would revise the plan for a successful outcome.

Your reflection paper should be 3 pages long.