Answer TWO questions on this story


(you can pick whatever two you want to answer from the list below)

I attached the story

Jhumpa Lahiri, “A Temporary Matter”:

 Describe the couple, Shoba and Shukumar: what are their professions; where do they live; what are their daily lives like?

 How does each respond to the loss of the baby and how does that response reveal important aspects of their emotional states?

 How is the story structured in terms of chronology? In other words, what is the sequence of events and how do they unfold?

 Use examples from the story to point out very specific details that help us understand the depth of feelings – for each character.

 Trace the transformation of Shoba.

 What is the importance of darkness and the “game” they play? Is it ironic that the darkness brings to light past secrets? What are some of the secrets? What is the most important secret Shukumar reveals at the conclusion?

 Would the outcome be different if the baby had survived? What clues lead you to believe as you do?

 Explain the significance of the title.