Annotated Bibliography on media misrepresentation of trans* people


Explain the relationship between normative sexuality and “abnormal/deviant” sexuality in the context of Trans* people.

Thesis: The misrepresentation of trans * characters in contemporary North American media as deviant fuels stigma and discrimination towards trans* people and contributes to continued violence through a lack of access to resources, economic oppression, lessened support for transgender rights, and the internalization of transphobia.

Annotation on 6 sources

  • 2 paragraphs for each annotation (Include APA styled bibliographic information)
    • First paragraph is a summary of the text
    • Second paragraph is explaining the authority, currency, accuracy of the source, and it purpose and relevance to the paper

      • Authority: Who wrote/produced/published the resource? Is the source published by an academic publisher or a reputable organization? • Is an author clearly identified? What are the author’s credentials or organizational affiliations? • Is the author qualified to write on the topic? Degrees, professional designations, professional accomplishments and experience are indicators of qualifications. • If it is a website, does the url reveal anything about the source (.com, .gov, .edu, .org)?
      • Currency: How current is the resource? • When was the resource published or posted? • Is this the most current version of this information available? • Has the information been revised / updated? Is there proof of last update, publication date? • Is currency of information a concern for your topic?
      • Accuracy: Is the information in the resource reliable? • Are the author’s claims supported by evidence? • Has the content been reviewed by other experts? Is it a peer-reviewed resource? • Are the language and tone biased? • Are there spelling or grammatical errors?

These are the 5 sources and their relevance to the paper (i haven’t been able to find a 6th source, but I hope you can)

1. –…

– relevant because it explains media misrepresentation on sense of self

2. Abramovich (pdf attached below)

3. Collins (pdf attached below)

– relevant because it explains the intersectionality of sexuality and race (black transgender people oppressed and racialized)


– Relevant because it explains the economic harms that come from transgender discrimination


– relevant because its an experiment showing how transphobia affects transgender rights

6. i don’t have a 6th source, but MUST use a scholarly source that explains how entertainment has the power to shape attitudes