Anglo Saxon


PowerPoint presentation

you will be creating a 7 slide PowerPoint presentation on an author of your choice from Unit 1: Early American and Colonial Literature. You will demonstrate your knowledge of their life, purpose, occasion that motivated them to write, audience, and genre. It will also include a title page, at least 2-3 bullet points per slide, an image per slide, and a final Work Cited page to credit your sources. All information from your research must be in your own words. Submit the text of your PowerPoint and paste the link on your Work Cited page which will check for academic integrity.

Get creative! Include interesting backgrounds and images that enhance your presentation and support your research. Please use the resources below to help you complete this assignment.

Anglo Saxon period questions


How are the exiles of the three speakers in the poems from The Exeter books similar and different

2. In “The Seafarer” the speaker displays an ambivalent attitude toward life at sea.On the one hand ,he is fascinated by it on the other,he is terrified.Scholars have interpreted the sea as a representation of the human existence.What is your opinion about this interpretation?

3. Prompt C

Based on the epics and legends you have studied in this unit and other epics you have read in previous courses,why do you think epic narratives were important to ancient cultures ?