Analyzing Drama


Analyzing Drama

You read two of Shakespeare’s plays in this unit: Hamlet and Twelfth Night. Choose one of these scenes from the two plays to reread.


Locate two different performances of the scene you chose online. When you search the Internet, include the act and scene in your search terms.

Which two versions did you choose? Include the URL of your sources.

Version 1:

Version 2:

Part B

Now compare and contrast the techniques in the two theatrical versions that you watched. In the table below, describe the similarities and differences between the two versions for each element of the performance. Note how the techniques enhance or alter the audience’s experience and what meanings (shades of characterization, connotations of words, etc.) become clearer as you watch the two presentations.

Element of Performance Similarities Differences
setting: background
setting: props
characters: costume
characters: body language and facial expressions
tone of voice
camera: focus and angles
dialogue: word choice
dialogue: emphasis

Part C

Use your response from part A of the task to write an essay addressing the following points:

  • Compare and contrast the target audiences of the two versions.
  • Analyze the effects of the techniques on the individual audiences.
  • Include analysis of any special adaptations made to the text (the dialogue) or the setting that distinguish this version from the original play.
  • Edit and revise the essay for spelling and grammar errors.