21st Century Carbon Web


I need to get hep for a History paper that focus on issue “21st Century Carbon web”. In this issue’s final lesson, we turn to Western Asia and the republic of Georgia, which emerged as an independent nation as the Soviet Union fell at the end of the 1980s. Western oil companies – namely British Petroleum (BP – formerly Anglo Iranian Oil Company) swiftly moved in to access offshore oil reserves in the Caspian Sea. As the locals that James Marriott and Miko Minio-Paluello interviewed for The Oil Road attest, the presence of multi-national energy firms have shaped local and national politics in important ways. How so? What role does violence play in the politics of oil in Georgia? Based on the pipeline map and the “Carbon Web” provided ahead of the reading, what other places are impacted by Caspian oil and in what ways, do you suspect? Are there similar carbon webs in other parts of the world, and how might they be similar or different?