2 Assignments – Week 2



Writing Journal 2 – “ASSIGNMENT 1”



Please reflect, in writing, on the following two-part prompt.

Make sure that your finished reflection is at least 300 words long to ensure that you receive full credit:

What is the purpose, in your opinion, of personal writing? Why would a Remembered Event or personal narrative essay be assigned as part of a college writing course? These are questions I was asked by students the very first college course I ever taught. I was teaching a set curriculum (I was required to teach a personal essay), and the students were all pre-engineering majors, and they were trying to stage a mutiny. They argued that they would never have to do this kind of writing in their majors or in their professional lives. (The engineers in my family later told me they were wrong on both counts.) Some people view personal writing as less rigorous than other kinds of writing. Do you agree? Why or why not? Why do you think personal writing is so often assigned in college writing classes?

Part 2. Please read the excerpt of Exit West in Moodle Readings Folder 1.

Although the novel is a work of fiction, what tools has the author used that might translate to personal narrative writing?



Discussion 2 – “ASSIGNMENT 2” – Your discussion should be at least 300 words


One of the most important facets of writing a good Remembered Event Essay is choosing a topic. In the past, I’ve used a textbook that has some excellent guidelines for choosing an event, and I scanned the relevant page and put it in this week’s Reading Folder (remember that you also have a reading in Writing Commons linked through the syllabus).

Using the bullet-ed prompts on the bottom of page 34, please write for five to ten minutes each on three different events you might choose to write your essay about. Do this even if you have already determined, for sure, what you’d like to write about. Try to write in as much detail as you can, but don’t write for more than ten minutes about any one event. Then, go ahead and post each of the three free-writes as one post to this Discussion Forum.

After you’ve posted your own free-writes, review the free-writes of at least three of your peers.

Which idea/event do you think would make the best essay and why?

Which event might best fulfill the requirements of the assignment as you understand them?

What do you find interesting or thought-provoking about these events? How do you relate to them?