​EN 300 L: Essay #5 (125 points): Discipline Debate Argument


EN 300 L: Essay #5 (125 points): Discipline Debate Argument



In 1000+ words, make an argument on a controversial issue within your discipline,

major, or primary academic area of interest. Note that this essay is meant to build off of the work

you did for Essay 4. Organize your essay around a strong thesis that takes a specific position on

the issue. Briefly summarize the issue and the points of disagreement on it (including specific

examples) and then defend your position with thorough research, strong evidence, and rigorous

reasoning. Think of your role in this essay as a scholar joining in a discussion and adding your

own argument to it.



This essay has a dual audience. Your primary audience for this essay should be

students and scholars in your field, those who have at least a little background in the debate you

are addressing. Your secondary audience will be people outside your field who are interested in

your topic but may not have the background to fully understand it. Don’t forget about this

secondary audience, since it will likely include the person assigning you a grade on this essay.

In other words, your essay should be rigorous enough to be persuasive to those in your field, but

also accessible enough that others outside your field can understand and appreciate your


See rubric (handed out separately) for grading scheme.