​​Writing Assignment–Process Paragraph


Writing Assignment–Process Paragraph

Write one well-developed paragraph analyzing a process. Choose a process you already know how to do and that you can explain all the steps of the process in one paragraph. Some possible processes are completing a simple home repair, creating some craft or hobby project, or the steps in some process you do as part of your job. Choose a topic that you already know how to do and make sure that you can explain all the steps in one paragraph. Make sure this is your own work and not from an outside source. Plagiarized paragraphs will receive a zero. Since you’ll be sharing a favorite family recipe for your DB post this week, do NOT choose a cooking process for this paragraph. This assignment is due before midnight on Sunday (7/9).

We’ll be using MLA format for all writing assignments.Your four-line heading in upper left-hand corner with your Name, Date, Assignment Name (Week 1 Narrative Paragraph) and Writing Prompt (Summer Vacation Memory). This is slightly different from standard MLA format which calls for Teacher Name and Course Title in heading instead of Assignment Name. Center title (Even though most of your writing assignments are only a single paragraph, I still want you to give them a title).Indent and double space paragraphs using one-inch margins and 12-point font.