you will be required to find 10 examples of psychological principles, theories, or findings.


Five of these examples should come from a media source (e.g., T.V.; Movies; advertisements; comic strips; song lyrics; newspaper or magazine articles; etc.).

Each of these 5 entries should list the media source (and include a copy of it if possible) and explain how this example is relevant to a psychological principle, theory, or finding.

I do limit the types of examples you may use in three important ways.

First, you may only use a specific type of source for two entries at the most (i.e., you could only use 2 examples from song lyrics; 2 examples from t.v. shows, 2 from magazines, etc.).

Second, you may only use a given psychological principle twice (i.e., you could only use 2 examples of cognitive dissonance; 2 examples of the Big 5 model of personality; 2 examples of Schachter’s 2 factor theory of emotion, etc.)

The other 5 examples for your portfolio can come from your own life. In these, I’d like you to describe an event that happened to you (or that you witnessed) and interpret it through a psychological principle, theory, or finding from your textbook.