Writing Your Informative/Explanatory Article


I have created an outline of the topic and of the sources. I will attach it.

Step 1:

Write your first draft. Remember to include the following:

  • introduction and a hook (include a simile or metaphor)
  • body paragraph 1—history, amendment, and advocate quote
  • body paragraph 2—landmark court case
  • body paragraph 3—contemporary court cases
  • conclusion
  • MLA in-text citations for
    • advocate quote
    • landmark court case
    • contemporary court cases
  • transitions
  • domain-specific vocabulary

Remember, you may use online resources to help create citations, such as EasyBib or Son of Citation Machine.

Step 2:

Highlight all transition words in yellow.
Highlight all domain-specific language in green.
Highlight any metaphors or similes in pink.