writing class 7

Part of your research argumentative paper will require you to engage with other scholars so it is important to be able to summarize what “they say” in order to productively respond to their ideas. For this first part of your blog post, in 300-350 words, I want you to:

  • Summarize Long’s and Comstock’s main argument/main point in 2-3 sentences (write 2-3 sentences on each article)
  • Then I want you to put these two readings in conversation with each other:
    • Where do these articles seem to agree or make similar points about zines? (hint: they both discuss the Do-It-Yourself elements of the zine, they also discuss authorship, community, and genres of writing)
    • Where do these articles seem to disagree or make opposing points (hint: they seem to suggest different things about authorship, perhaps about content, and perhaps about ideas of public versus private, etc)
    • how do they each discuss concepts of gender, sex, and feminism?
    • please practice quote integration and referencing each article once in your post
  • some keywords that will be important for your writing vocabulary on zines: networks, communities, public sphere, private sphere, publics versus couterpublics, culture/subculture, counterculture, rhetoric

For Part 2 I want you to respond to Sarah Ahmed’s “Making Feminist Points” in 200-250 words. Please feel free to refer back to McClure’s “Googlepedia” and our discussion about finding sources. In this response, I want you to define Ahmed’s main point in 2-3 sentences. After that I want you to consider and discuss how her article has made you think differently or has affirmed previous thinking about the significance of which sources you choose to use to support your claims. After having read Ahmed’s piece, do some research on the library’s database and select two sources that relate to your topic thus far for your DC project that you might be interested in using. Please give titles and authors and then explain how these sources aid in your “making a feminist point.” How do these two sources support (or not) broader perspectives? If your source seems opposed to “making a feminist point” how might you still use the source in your research? Explain how you could integrate the perspective into your paper. Consider the importance and relevance of the author’s subject position (race, class, gender, where they’re publishing, background).

Making Feminist Points:https://feministkilljoys.com/2013/09/11/making-feminist-points/