Write the Research Paper using Hawthornes novel and The Scarlet Letter


Hello Every one,

Please Write the Research Paper using Hawthorne’s novel, The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne short story, and the 4 sources (literary journal articles) obtained from the HCC Library.

Include the Works Cited page as the last page of the paper and include all six required sources.

You are comparing the short story with the novel and showing how the short story has the same theme as the novel. The attached outline shows you, how to organize your essay. You are required to use direct quotes from all six of your sources (the short story, the novel, and the 4 journal articles). You can choose the 4 articles from below link.

When you compare the two works by Hawthorne, you can show one major similarity and one major difference. See the outline and follow each section–it shows you what to type out to organize your main points. The topic of story is young good man color imagery.

Use the below the link of the Hawthorne novel—The Scarlet Letter.


The length of this paper needs to be a minimum of 1500-2000 words.

I will give you the attachments when some one is assigned for the task.