Write an essay about The Devil and Tom Walker


There are 3 aspects of Romantic Literature, discuss how at least two of them directly apply to “The Devil and Tom Walker” .

Romantic Literature: 1.Imagination instead of reason 2.individual feeling instead of logic 3.love of nature but not cultivation.

Paragraph 1: Introduction

Hook(1 sentence)

Story Background(2-3 sentences)

Topic prompt expletive(Introduce what your topic is 2-3 sentences)

Thesis statement(1 sentences)

Paragraph 2-3: Body paragraph

  1. Start with a Topic sentence(including evidence and analysis)
  2. Must have textual evidence!

For example: “_________,_________.”(Irving, 154)

Tell about why and how

4-5 lines of analysis for each pieces of evidence

3. No plot summary!!!! No book report!!!